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Stress Affects on Skin

Stress is real!  It affects the body and skin a number of ways. Check out this week's video for insights on the affects of stress on your skin.

Is skincare the next "duh" thing for health?

Did you know your skin reflects, protects and affects your overall health?  In this week's video Justin explores how skincare is healthcare and self-care. 

Women's skincare mistakes

Hey ladies!  Any of these common skincare mistakes sound familiar?  In this week's video, Justin provides a few pro-tips on how to manage your skin's health better.

The myths of sensitive skin!

What are common causes for sensitive skin and how best should you manage it? This week Justin talks about the common myth about sensitive skin- check it out!

Managing the affects of hormones on your skin.

Have your hormones affected yours skin?  Perhaps during pregnancy, stressful times, puberty or other chapters of your life?  This video is for you!

5 Skincare Musts for your 50's

If you're in your 50's, you won't want to miss this video as I review 5 key tips to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.  Be sure to message me with any questions you might have!

Help for Large Pores!

How are your pores doing?  In this week's video I dive into the common myths and remedies for dealing with large "pores".  It's amazing what working with a pro can do for your skin!

4 Skincare Tips for your 40's

Hey 40 somethings!  How is your skincare routine? In this video I offer four simple insights for folks in their 40's to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. Be sure to check it out!

3 Tips for Managing the Signs of Aging on your skin

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is how to avoid the signs of aging on my face.  This week I share three tips on how to promote healthy, younger looking skin.

3 Skincare Basics
For Your 30's

Wondering what to do to support healthy, beautiful skin while in your 30's?  This week, Justin offers 3 basic tips that will up your game!

3 Tips for healthy skin and wearing masks...

Is your skin getting irritated by wearing masks frequently?  In this week's video, Justin shares three tips for how to help your skin remain healthy and happy while we all stay safe and wear masks.

Men's Skin Care Mistakes

Hey, guys!  In this week's video we look at the top three most common mistakes men typically make with their skincare routines.  Any of these sound familiar?

Two Skincare Musts
for your Twenties

If you're in your twenties, you should consider these two tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. If you create good habits with the basics now, your skin will thank you later in life. Check it out!

Help with dark circles under your eyes!

In this video I look at both traditional and modern ways to treat dark circles under the eyes. 

Are you spending wisely on skincare products?

In this quick video I offer a few pointers to consider as you buy products to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. 

My Skin is freaking out!

Here's the top 3 responses I offer to people when they call me freaking out about their skin.  Any surprises?

The #1 Most Important Thing

In this 1 minute video, find out what the single most important skincare product is!

April Skincare Kit

How about a little self-care this week? Justin is offering special pricing on DMK's home skin kit. Each kit contains enough for a month of weekly face treatments. Be sure to email him for more info! Benefits include tightening the skin and increased oxygenated blood flow to promote skin health. 

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